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California Historical Landmarks in San Francisco
California Landmark 91
Telegraph Hill
1 Telegraph Hill Boulevard
Pier 9 and Telegraph Hill, San Francisco
Pier 9 and Telegraph Hill
25 May 2008

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Telegraph Hill

A signal station was erected on Telegraph Hill in 1849 from which to observe the incoming vessels, a tall pole with movable arms was used to signal to the people in the town below whether sailing vessels or the sidewheel vessels of the Pacific mail were passing through the Golden Gate. In September 1853, the first telegraph in California, which extended eight miles to Point Lobos, was stationed here, giving the hill its name.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

Christopher Columbus and Coit Tower, San Francisco
25 June 2003
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Coit Tower (San Francisco Landmark 165) and a statue of Christopher Columbus stand where the Telegraph Hill signal once stood.

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