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San Francisco Landmark 46: House of the Flag
26 May 2011
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The House of the Flag is the hipped-roof residence in the foreground. In 1906, it was not obscured from view by surrounding buildings.

Landmark 46
House of the Flag
1652-1656 Taylor Between Broadway and Vallejo
Russian Hill
Built 1860, 1903

The following description is quoted from Russian Hill Neighbors.

This First Bay Area Tradition style house is located at the southeast corner of Vallejo and Taylor. It is best known for being dramatically rescued from the 1906 earthquake fire. As the fire approached, the occupant, a flag collector, raised the American flag on a staff beside the house. A company of soldiers spied it from below and were inspired to charge up the hill to fight the fire. It is reported that they found a bathtub full of water, sand from a nearby construction project, and soda siphons to squirt into hard-to-reach places. The soldiers are credited with saving the house and protecting the rest of the hill.

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