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San Francisco City Hall
26 October 2002
City Hall Dome on the Day Before the San Francisco Giants Lost the 2002 World Series to the Anaheim Angels
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Civic Center Historic District
Bounded by Van Ness Avenue and Market Street and Golden Gate Avenue and 7th Street
Designated December 1994

The following description of the Civic Center Historic District is excerpted from the San Francisco Planning Code: Article 10, Appendix J.

The World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, in 1893, was the source of inspiration for the "City Beautiful" movement which emphasizes formal plan and composition of monumental scale, neoclassical style buildings fronting plazas, boulevards and grand public gathering spaces. The order, harmony, cleanliness, and grandeur of the exhibition, called "The White City," was in sharp contrast to the rapid, chaotic growth that most U. S. cities had experienced in the preceding era of rapid immigration and industrialization.

The design of the San Francisco Civic Center is an example of the development of those significant contributions. More particularly, the San Francisco Civic Center is an expression of a nation ready to display its new international importance in an architectural statement. At the time it took form, geography and historical events had made San Francisco the center of western America. Monumental classical architecture for the City's central public space expressed this consciousness, as well as the accompanying belief that such inspiring surroundings should be democratically available to all, not just a privileged few.

In addition to being a San Francisco Historic District, the Civic Center is both a National Historic Landmark District and a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places, the former designation occurred on February 27, 1987, the latter, October 10, 1978.

The War Memorial Complex is Califonia Historical Landmark 964.

Contributory Buildings

Buildings dating from the period of significance which reflect a Beaux Arts style and retain their historic and architectural integrity.

San Francisco City Hall (SF Landmark 21)400 Van Ness Avenue
War Memorial Opera House (SF Landmark 84)301 Van Ness Avenue
War Memorial Veteran's Building(SF Landmark 84)401 Van Ness Avenue
Old State Office Building50 McAllister Street
Federal Building50 Fulton Street (50 United Nations Plaza)
Exposition Auditorium99 Grove Street
Department of Public Health101 Grove Street/50 Ivy/Lech Walesa Street
San Francisco Public Library200 Larkin Street
Newton Tharp Commercial High School (SF Landmark 140)170 Fell Street
High School of Commerce(SF Landmark 140)135 Van Ness Avenue
Corinthian Court Apartments500–524 Van Ness Avenue
Orpheum Theater Building1182–112 Market Street
Commercial Building1212 Market Street
Commercial Building1240–1242 Market Street
Hotel Avalon1272– 1276 Market Street
Commercial Building1278– 1298 Market Street
Methodist Book Concern83 McAllister Street
Barbara Apartments580 McAllister Street
Commercial Building1 United Nations Plaza (35–57 Fulton Street)
Contributory But Altered Buildings

Buildings which date from the period of significance but have been altered. Appropriate restoration of such buildings is encouraged, though in certain situations their demolition and replacement may be more appropriate for completion of the original San Francisco Civic Center plan.

Marye Building1200-1208 Market Street
Commercial Building1220-1232 Market Street (29 Grove Street)
Commercial Building1236 Market Street (37– 39 Grove Street)
Wells Fargo Building1256– 1264 Market Street
Civic Center Plaza Assessor's Block 788
Noncontributory Buildings

Buildings which post-date the period of significance or have had their integrity compromised by inappropriate alterations.

California State Courts Building455 Golden Gate Avenue
Vacant Lot41–47 Grove Street
Vacant LotSoutheast Corner of Grove and Larkin Streets
Vacant Lot165 Grove Street
Library Annex45 Hyde Street
New Main Library100 Larkin Street
Private Building1170 Market Street
Private Building1220–1232 Market Street (29 Grove Street)
Private Building1236 Market Street (37– 39 Grove Street)
Private Building1244-1254 Market Street
Private Building77–79 McAllister Street
Private Building456 McAllister Street
Private Building460 McAllister Street
Vacant Lot401 Polk Street
Private Building10 United Nations Plaza
Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall201 Van Ness Avenue
Private Building234 Van Ness Avenue
Private Building240 Van Ness Avenue
Edmund G. Brown State Office Building501 Van Ness Avenue
Private Building450 McAllister Street
Civic Center Powerhouse320 Larkin Street (298 McAllister Street)
San Francisco Art Commission Gallery155 Grove Street
Church of Christ Building171-195 Grove Street

Map courtesy of San Francisco Planning Department
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