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San Francisco Landmark 138: Irving Murray Scott Primary School
Irving Murray Scott Primary School
National Register #85000714
27 March 2004
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Map courtesy of San Francisco Planning Department
Dogpatch Historic District
Bounded by Mariposa, Tubbs, 3rd, and Indiana Streets
Designated December 2008
The following description of the Dogpatch Historic District is excerpted from the San Francisco Planning Code: Article 10, Appendix L .

The Dogpatch Historic District, an enclave of industrial workers' housing located east of Potrero Hill in San Francisco's Central Waterfront district, possesses a unique place and significance in the areas of architecture, history, and environment. The nine-block neighborhood is comprised of almost one-hundred flats and cottages, as well as several industrial, commercial, and civic buildings, most of which were erected between 1870 and 1930.

Dogpatch contains the oldest and most intact concentration of industrial workers' housing in San Francisco. No other district of San Francisco or California was industrialized to the degree of Potrero Point during the last quarter of the 19th Century. The shipyards and other maritime-related industries of Potrero Point required a steady supply of inexpensive immigrant labor in an area that was geographically cut off from the rest of the City. Local developers and landholders, including Santa Fe Land Improvement Company, responded to this need by constructing rows of inexpensive cottages and selling individual parcels to laborers and their families, allowing the neighborhood to develop as an informal company town.

Initially developed in the early 1870s, Dogpatch became the nucleus of the Potrero District that would evolve after the 1906 earthquake. Dogpatch is a moderately intact district of mostly Victorian and Edwardian-era workers' dwellings constructed between 1870 and 1910. Residences within the district reflect vernacular forms of architectural styles that were prevalent throughout the country, including Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Italianate, Eastlake and Classical Revival styles, or combinations thereof. The district has several clusters, and pairs of identical dwellings, including a group of thirteen identical Eastlake-style cottages based on the plans of San Francisco architect John Cotter Pelton, Jr.

The period of significance dates from 1867, the opening of Long Bridge and the beginning of construction in the neighborhood, to 1945, the end of World War II.

For more about the Central Waterfront, see Pier 70 San Francisco.

The following buildings are deemed contributory to the Historic District:

2300 3rd Street
2310 3rd Street
23422344 3rd Street
24762478 3rd Street
25002502 3rd Street
25182520 3rd Street
2620 3rd Street
26242626 3rd Street
26282632 3rd Street
26362638 3rd Street
707 18th Street
700702 22nd Street
714 22nd Street
718 22nd Street
726732 22nd Street
800802 22nd Street
806 22nd Street
807 22nd Street
808810 22nd Street
812814 22nd Street
816818 22nd Street
820824 22nd Street
825829 22nd Street
833 22nd Street
834840 22nd Street
845 & 849 22nd Street
894898 22nd Street
900902 22nd Street
904922 22nd Street
890900 Minnesota Street
903 Minnesota Street
905 Minnesota Street
907 Minnesota Street
909 Minnesota Street
911 Minnesota Street
913 Minnesota Street
914916 Minnesota Street
915 Minnesota Street
917919 Minnesota Street
918 Minnesota Street
920922 Minnesota Street
921 Minnesota Street
923 Minnesota Street
924926 Minnesota Street
930932 Minnesota Street
934 Minnesota Street
944946 Minnesota Street
945947 Minnesota Street
948950 Minnesota Street
949951 Minnesota Street
952954 Minnesota Street
958 Minnesota Street
962964 Minnesota Street
966968 Minnesota Street
972976 Minnesota Street
694 Tennessee Street
700702 Tennessee Street
704 Tennessee Street
712716 Tennessee Street
718720 Tennessee Street
724726 Tennessee Street
730732 Tennessee Street
740 Tennessee Street
800850 Tennessee Street
900 Tennessee Street
909 Tennessee Street
950 Tennessee Street
970 Tennessee Street
997999 Tennessee Street
1002 Tennessee Street
1004 Tennessee Street
1008 Tennessee Street
1010 Tennessee Street
1011 Tennessee Street
1012 Tennessee Street
1014 Tennessee Street
10151021 Tennessee Street
10161018 Tennessee Street
1036 Tennessee Street
1042 Tennessee Street
10451047 Tennessee Street
10491051 Tennessee Street
1053 Tennessee Street
10591061 Tennessee Street
1060 Tennessee Street
10631065 Tennessee Street
1067 Tennessee Street
10741076 Tennessee Street
10771079 Tennessee Street
10781080 Tennessee Street
1100 Tennessee Street
11011103 Tennessee St
11041106 Tennessee Street
11051107 Tennessee Street
11081110 Tennessee Street
11091111 Tennessee Street
11121114 Tennessee Street
11131115 Tennessee Street
11161118 Tennessee Street
11331135 Tennessee Street
1139 Tennessee Street
11591163 Tennessee Street
1195 Tennessee Street
1199 Tennessee Street
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