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In the 1300 Block of McAllister Street
In the 1300 Block of McAllister Street
5 February 2009
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Alamo Square Historic District
Bounded by Golden Gate Avenue, Divisadero, Webster Street and Fell Street
Designated July 1984

The following description of the Alamo Square Historic District is quoted from the San Francisco Planning Code: Article 10, Appendix E.

The Alamo Square Historic District is significant as a continuum of distinguished residential architecture by distinguished architects spanning the period from the 1870's to the 1920's. The towered Westerfield [sic] House, the renowned "Postcard Row" with its background of the downtown skyline, and the neighboring streetscapes are as identified worldwide with San Francisco as the cable cars and Coit Tower. With a variety of architectural styles, the District is unified in its residential character, relatively small scale, construction type, materials (principally wood), intense ornamentation (especially at entry and cornice), and use of basements and retaining walls to adjust for hillside sites. Boundaries include the park, its edges, the nearby buildings rated highest on the City's architectural survey, and infill structures for rational planning. Most of the original owner-residents were moderately successful businessmen. A higher than average percentage of the houses were designed by architects, including a virtual cross-section of the City's better professionals. The District has always housed a varied ethnic group. With a high degree of integrity to its original designs, the District clearly serves as a visual reminder of how businessmen lived two to four generations ago.

Individually recognized buildings within the Alamo Square Historic District are:

Map courtesy of San Francisco Planning Department
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